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The vision of A Life Worth Living, Corp. is to help women transform their minds, revive their spirits and rebuild their bodies to be their best selves and return to their families and communities being empowered and impactful and most of all Loved.

I have always had a passion for helping others in one capacity or another, especially women who are having difficulties navigating their own paths. I know from personal experience that it is difficult to be a provider and a nurturer especially if you need healing within yourself. I personally have gone the recovery process first hand so to relate to those women who find themselves broken, lost, unwanted and unloved, there is always healing and forgiveness that can take place. No matter how low you fall there is always a way back up. Positive change can be achieved when compassion meets action, whether it is within family or within oneself.

Recovery was in the world’s system, but when I found God and sought HIS truth that is when the true transformation took place within me. Going through God’s process of transformation, I am hopeful that other women can do it too. Through much prayer and a lot of sleepless nights (well worth it) the vision of “A Life Worth Living, Corp” was birthed. Throughout the process of bringing this vision to life, I became an ordained minister, not only furthering the ministry that was given to me for my personal life, but also assisting those who seek true change and growth in their lives.


Patricia Juba, Founder of A Life Worth Living, Corp.

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