General Statement of Duties Provides a variety of office and field activities to manage and monitor a rapid re-housing/transition-in place program for the women, performs direct client services, and compiles related documentation.
Work involves orienting all eligible participants to the program and providing housing search and supportive services to promote participants self-sufficiency, integration into the community, and permanency in housing; performing administrative tasks involved in the review and maintenance of a caseload of program participants. The principal duties are performed both in a general office environment and in the field and community where program participants reside. One goal is to have strong interpersonal skills and ability to motivate and effectively work with participants to achieve goals. Another goal is connected participants to resources that support their goals for economic stability, including employment support and financial empowerment.

Essential Functions
This list is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.

1. Assess housing barriers of individuals and families experiencing homelessness to determine housing and service needs.
2. Develop a housing procurement, financial, and self-sufficiency case management plan with clients. This shall include intake interview to determine client’s needs, goals, and eligibility.
3. Provide mediation and advocacy with landlords on the client’s behalf to develop a workable plan to obtain and or maintain housing.
4. Assist participants in locating and securing housing of their choice.
5. Create and maintain consistent communication channels, both verbal and written, between several parties (i.e. tenant, landlord, referral source, collaborating agencies, debtors and creditors).
6. Serve as an ongoing liaison between property managers and participants as well as between participants and neighbors.
7. Provide information and referral assistance regarding available support from appropriate social service agencies and/or community programs.
8. Assist in development of and encourage adherence to a personal budget through pro-active housing and budget counseling sessions; provide budget counseling and education to assist clients in establishing payments plans for bills and past debts and to assist clients in obtaining and maintaining their housing.
9. Assist participants in development of a strength-based/solution-focused individualized goal and action plan that promotes permanent housing and self-sufficiency; develop an effective, timely referral network in order to ensure ongoing direction and support as needed.
10. Identify participant strengths and barriers to stability and assist participants to reducing barriers and linking to resources and services.
11. Provide pro-active follow-up home visits to ensure stability and further progress towards self-sufficiency; this includes support, advocacy, reducing isolation, listening, problem solving, and identification of resources to assist with reintegration of participants in the community.
12. Apply knowledge of residential lease contracts to educate clients of their rights and responsibilities.
13. Maintain accurate daily logs records, monthly outcome reports, and files for each client.
14. Transport clients as deemed necessary. Transportation requirements should be limited to housing and job searches and occasional visit to relevant social service agencies.
15. Collect and report program data, including but not limited to HMIS reporting and funders’ required data.
16. Assist in marketing the program to organizations local and national to obtain referrals for applicants.
17. Assist with organizations to obtain funding sources to create a budget as well as maintaining the housing.

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