The educational program seeks to respond to the needs of the clients at all stages of their education and career path. The guidance coach will exercise his/her role in academia and job readiness training. Every client is afforded the opportunity to meet the guidance coach on academic and career related matters.

Services are provided such as coaching, assessment, advice, resources, educational development programs, personal and social development programs, vocational development programs and referrals etc. which enables them to successfully deal with the transitions. The objectives of guidance include but are not limited:

  • To help each client become aware of their talents and abilities and how best to utilize these talents and abilities to optimize their engagement with education and to reach their optimum potential.
  • To assist each client in the identification and exploration of various educational and career opportunities available to them.
  • To enable clients to grow in independence and to take responsibility for their own selves, their learning and their careers.
  • To assist in the provision of information so that clients may make informed decisions aware of possible consequences and implications.
  • To provide guidance and information to clients at appropriate stages in their progress through meetings.

Follow up meetings and telephone conversations concerning career issues also take place between the clients as required. Job readiness training prepares clients to seek or obtain employment, and to keep their jobs once they are hired. Training/instruction could be: creating a resume, forming a cover letter, completing a job application, practicing a mock interview, and preparing for a career/job fair etc.

Counseling is available on a referral basis. Clients are referred by management, staff, parents, or they may self-refer. During and after counseling, the guidance coach will consult with all parties on a regular basis to monitor progress, to discuss how clients are coping and to plan for further support.

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